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Game Booster APK Free Download

game booster apk

The Android system is now a platform for a lot of gamers. Every day, more and more games are being released to the Play Store. Game titles such as Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, PUBG, Asphalt racing game series, and many more are now the trend. That is why gaming phones are rising to the occasion. If you have a flagship phone, then you do not need to worry about your device’s performance. But if your handset belongs to the class of mid-tiers to lower ends, chances are your phone struggles with demanding games. This is where the Game Booster app becomes your answer.

Online games such as PUBG, Rules of Survival, Injustice 2, Shadowgun Legends, and Asphalt Nitro are just some of the heavy graphics games. And they really take a toll on phones that do not have enough hardware power to handle the performance requirements.

But for those that at least meet the minimum system requirements, they still have the remedy to enjoy such demanding games. And that remedy is the Game Booster APK.

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What is Game Booster APK?

The Game Booster was developed and published by Burakgon. The app is basically a system optimizer that prioritizes specific app to run at its optimum level or as much as the device can give.

This is done by clearing unused amount of RAM from other running apps in the background. Then the app dedicates that free RAM to the one that was set to run on Game Booster. The same goes for the CPU resources. The Game Booster frees up processing power from the apps that are not in use or does not have any role in the background. Then it directs those juices to the app that you want to be boosted.

Game Booster Features

To give you a better and simplified understanding of the Game Booster app’s capabilities, here is a list of its features. You will see that there is more to it than just optimization.


  • Unleash the full potential of your device
  • Optimizes hardware power to its maximum level
  • It helps keep the Android device running smoothly as close to its factory default state


If your device is already rooted, then you can get more juice out of your device. Just when you think you already optimized your operating system wait till you see more at root state.

  • Set your CPU to the max and get more out of your Android
  • Play games with less to zero lags.
  • Observe an increase in benchmark score when the Game Booster APK is activated
  • Use the FPS stat or monitor to see the improvement you get when the boost starts
  • Better memory handling and optimization


If you are a mobile gamer and you cannot afford to buy flagship phones, for now, the Game Booster APK is your next best thing. Enjoy a higher performance from your device. Add extra frames to your current FPS state. And all of that with no irregular strain to your hardware capacity. It just unleashes the full potential of your Android device without pushing it beyond the boundaries of what the hardware can only do.

So why spend more when your device can deliver with just the use of an app? Of course, the Game Booster is only effective if your phone has at least at the minimum system requirement. Except those that have the lowest hardware specification. I don’t think they can offer much boost or juice even with Game Booster’s help.

Have you tried the Game Booster APK? If yes, how does it fare with its claim? Do you think you can recommend it to your other friends? Tell us more about the Game Booster based on your personal experience to help give other people ideas on how it works. Personal experiences are more reliable than anything else.

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