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Infographic: Top 10 Technology Trends in 2019

Excited for 2019? I know every one of us can’t wait to see what are the latest in the coming year. And what makes us more excited are the new gadgets and tech products that are soon to be released.

Since today is a digital age and all of us uses technology, developers continue to develop products that can be useful to us. Find out from this simple infographic the things that we can expect after 2018.

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Game Booster APK Free Download

game booster apk

The Android system is now a platform for a lot of gamers. Every day, more and more games are being released to the Play Store. Game titles such as Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, PUBG, Asphalt racing game series, and many more are now the trend. That is why gaming phones are rising to the occasion. If you have a flagship phone, then you do not need to worry about your device’s performance. But if your handset belongs to the class of mid-tiers to lower ends, chances are your phone struggles with demanding games. This is where the Game Booster app becomes your answer.

Online games such as PUBG, Rules of Survival, Injustice 2, Shadowgun Legends, and Asphalt Nitro are just some of the heavy graphics games. And they really take a toll on phones that do not have enough hardware power to handle the performance requirements.

But for those that at least meet the minimum system requirements, they still have the remedy to enjoy such demanding games. And that remedy is the Game Booster APK.

Update: Showbox is a great app, I love showbox. Now download showbox app on your Android, iPhone or PC and enjoy watching movies and HD TV Shows for free of cost! Great hun.. Yes it is. Enjoy the awesome Showbox app.

Update 2: Showbox website isn’t working now, kodi is a better movie streaming app which you can use now, download it from kodi official website.

What is Game Booster APK?

The Game Booster was developed and published by Burakgon. The app is basically a system optimizer that prioritizes specific app to run at its optimum level or as much as the device can give.

This is done by clearing unused amount of RAM from other running apps in the background. Then the app dedicates that free RAM to the one that was set to run on Game Booster. The same goes for the CPU resources. The Game Booster frees up processing power from the apps that are not in use or does not have any role in the background. Then it directs those juices to the app that you want to be boosted.

Game Booster Features

To give you a better and simplified understanding of the Game Booster app’s capabilities, here is a list of its features. You will see that there is more to it than just optimization.


  • Unleash the full potential of your device
  • Optimizes hardware power to its maximum level
  • It helps keep the Android device running smoothly as close to its factory default state


If your device is already rooted, then you can get more juice out of your device. Just when you think you already optimized your operating system wait till you see more at root state.

  • Set your CPU to the max and get more out of your Android
  • Play games with less to zero lags.
  • Observe an increase in benchmark score when the Game Booster APK is activated
  • Use the FPS stat or monitor to see the improvement you get when the boost starts
  • Better memory handling and optimization


If you are a mobile gamer and you cannot afford to buy flagship phones, for now, the Game Booster APK is your next best thing. Enjoy a higher performance from your device. Add extra frames to your current FPS state. And all of that with no irregular strain to your hardware capacity. It just unleashes the full potential of your Android device without pushing it beyond the boundaries of what the hardware can only do.

So why spend more when your device can deliver with just the use of an app? Of course, the Game Booster is only effective if your phone has at least at the minimum system requirement. Except those that have the lowest hardware specification. I don’t think they can offer much boost or juice even with Game Booster’s help.

Have you tried the Game Booster APK? If yes, how does it fare with its claim? Do you think you can recommend it to your other friends? Tell us more about the Game Booster based on your personal experience to help give other people ideas on how it works. Personal experiences are more reliable than anything else.


How to Use SHAREit on PC (Sep 2018 Guide)

Numerous movies and tv shows are released every day. You can download these movies and tv shows from various sources. However, watching these movies and tv shows on your smartphone’s screen is not quite exciting. To enhance your experience, you can transfer these files to your computer and watch them in a competitively larger screen!

But, the only problem lies in transferring data from your smartphone to your computer. SHAREit is one possible solution to your situation. You can use this software to establish a connection between your smartphone and your computer to share files between them!

What is SHAREit?

shareit for pc

SHAREit is a software specially designed to transfer data from one device to another. It uses the WiFi and hotspot to establish a connection between any two devices. Once the connection is established, you can share data effortlessly from one device to another.

Features of SHAREit include:

1. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

2. It supports cross-platform sharing which means you can share files between Android, iOS as well as Windows devices.

3. A connection can easily be established and files of any format can be shared. Also, there is no restriction on the size of the files which can be shared!

4. To share files, SHAREit uses WiFi and hotspot. However, no mobile data is used while sharing files.

5. SHAREit comes with an inbuilt media player which you can use to watch videos or play songs.

6. The transfer speed goes as high as 4 to 6 mbps, which is higher than most of the file sharing softwares.

How to install SHAREit on PC?

Installing SHAREit on PC is not a difficult task because there is a dedicated software for PC users! Thus, you do not need any kind of third-person software to run SHAREit on your PC.

All you need to do is head over to its official website from ‘http://www.ushareit.com/en‘ this link and download it for your device, based on your operating system. You can also download shareit for pc from SoftAlien. SoftAlien is one of the best free software download websites.

Once downloaded, install it and you can start using it to share files from one device to another, without any restriction!

How to connect your smartphone to your PC over SHAREit?

First, you need to install SHAREit on your PC as well as on the device to which you wish to send or receive files from!

Step 1- Launch SHAREit on your PC as well as on your smartphone. Also, make sure that your smartphone and your PC is connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 2- On your smartphone, click on the menu slide on the top left corner. From the menu, click on ‘Connect to PC’ which you will find at the top.

Step 3- You can also scan the QR code on your computer with your smartphone. Then, click on ‘Accept Request’ pop-up which appears on your smartphone.

By now, you will have successfully connected your smartphone to your PC over SHAREit.

How to share files between your smartphone and your PC?

Now that you have successfully established a connection between your smartphone and your PC, it is tone to learn how to share files between these devices.

1. SHAREit for PC supports drag and drop option which makes it very convenient.

2. You can also choose the files from a dialog box and click on ‘Open’ to start sharing files from your PC to your smartphone.

3. To send files from your smartphone to your PC, you have to follow the same method which you use to share files from one smartphone to another.


This is all you must know before you install SHAREit on your PC and start using it to share files between your pc and other devices.

If you have any queries, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.


3 Best Battle Royale Games To Play In 2018

Are you a fan of online battle royale games? If you are, then this article should make your eyes glow with happiness and excitement as we present you the three most popular and the best battle royale style gameplay to date.

With the Fortnite’s infamous offline servers, millions of its fans are left hanging for hours. As they wait indefinitely as to when the server is going to be back online. The downtime has made a lot of gamers of the game look for an outlet while they wait. If you are an avid Fortnite player, you know where I am getting at right now.

So in the case of this unfortunate event, it would not sound right to stay idle. While there is no significant update or time as to when the servers will be back, what can you do?And what if this problem keep re-occurring?  Sooner or later, an issue that would cause some downtime could happen more than once. Or perhaps you just want a change of phase. When that happens, you should know that there are great alternatives to these games that offer a similar experience with even better features.

Best Battle Royale Online Games


Let’s start with the Fortnite battle Royale. If you are a player from ROS or PUBG, playing in this game title will not feel like you are out of place. It has the same vibe as the other online battle royal games.

The idea is to play online against 99 other players. The goal of the game is to stay alive and survive despite the many players that are out to kill or get killed. Not to mention the storm that will kill you if you get caught out of the eye of the storm.

The best part about this game is that it is free to play. Unlike the other battle royal games that are included in this list. So if you have not tried playing this battle royal game then you should. Find out for yourself why it became one of the best battle royale games, if not yet the number one, in this genre.


  • Free-to-play
  • Promotes fair play and does not tolerate cheaters
  • Good graphics
  • Can run fairly well on some lower-end hardware in low settings
  • Cross-platform. Playable on Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and soon for Android.
  • Two main gameplay modes: Solo and Co-op.
  • No Pay-to-Win shenanigans

Rules of Survival (RoS)

The Rules of Survival aka RoS is another very popular game that features pure battle royale gameplay. It has been around for quite some time now and it is one of the top five online battle royal games available. Played by over 100 million users, that alone is a reason to get curious about the game.

The concept of the game is similar to the Fortnite and PUBG. The game will throw you on an island with the other unarmed players. Currently, all 300 players can pit against each other as soon as they landed on the ground.

You can play solo or co-op of up to four teammates. As soon as you’re on the ground, you should rush to get a weapon, armor, and other tools or resources that will help you survive the battle. Aside from the other opponents that are in the game, you should also watch for the area where you decide to stay. The circle keeps on getting smaller and once you are caught outside the circle, you will start to gain damage and will eventually lead to your death.


  • Free-to-play
  • Solo or multiple gameplay means you can choose to go at it alone or with a team
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Massive collection of weaponry and accessories
  • Interactive surrounding including vehicles you can use to ride around the island
  • Cross-platform: Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

Published by PUBG Corporation and originated from Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s mind, PUBG is the force behind the surprising rise of Battle Royale game titles. The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground does not need any introduction. Just know that whichever battle royale you have played earlier, they are all an adaptation of this game.

Yes, it has the same 8 x 8 kilometers and the same up to 100 players involved. You will do the same gameplay. Kill or be killed in the fight to be the last one standing. The player will start and land on the island unarmed. So as soon as possible, run to get weapons, armors, and other resources to stay alive.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Cross-platform: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS
  • Realistic weapons
  • Travel in style with all the vehicles you can find inside the game
  • Fair gaming experience
  • Go solo or team-up to win the game

Final Thoughts

So which one is your best battle royale choice? Which one do you think is better? Actually, the answer is simple. The best one is the one you are currently playing right now. It’s just a matter of preference. If you prefer one over the others, that is your choice. Others will say otherwise so there is no point in saying your choice is the best.

As long as you enjoy playing any of these games then there is nothing to argue about. I, for one, would prefer to have them all installed on my device. So when I want to have a change of phase, it will be so easy to switch.

Anyway, tell us what you think about your preferred battle royale game in the comment section. We would love to know why your best battle royale game is your choice.

If you want other games titles to be featured by us, feel free to suggest it to us. We will try to accommodate all our audiences’ interests.